Sunday, September 4, 2016

Defending the Indefensible

Imagine that a conservative on campus felt offended by left wing utterances by their professors.   Would they get "trigger warnings" or "safe spaces?"   You guessed it.  The answer is no.

Trigger warnings and safe spaces are reserved for those with the proper political viewpoint.  If you don't hold the viewpoints that are officially approved at your university, you could be subject to disciplinary action.

There isn't much difference between this and the rules in the old Soviet Union.   In both cases, speech is monitored and controlled.  The only difference is in the severity of the punishment dished out on those who don't tow the official party line.

Check out the NY Times today for numerous attacks on the position taken last week by a Dean at the University of Chicago who had the temerity to stand up for free speech.   Most bizarrely, these attacks are coming from tenure-protected faculty actively engaged in silencing those with whom they disagree.

Why are taxpayers paying for this nonsense?

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