Sunday, September 25, 2016

Choosing No Economic Growth Causes Inequality

Income and wealth inequality are axiomatic in countries with no economic growth.  Getting rich through influence peddling, or "rent-seeking" as economists call it, is the only way if economies are sledgehammered into submission by politicians. The Clintons understand that.  They have never produced a product or met a free-market payroll. Instead, they have uses political power to "entice," "extort", -- hmm, what is the proper term?  Anyway, the Clintons now have hundreds of millions of dollars, gained merely by using the political system.  No market tests required.

But, for folks in what is left of the private sector, for the vast majority of poor and lower middle income Americans, the absence of economic growth gradually but surely reduces their economic standing.  Big government can't help.  Only economic growth can help.

Yet, the goal of the Elizabeth Warrens is to eliminate the private sector, or, better yet, to control the private sector in a neo-fascist style.  Have business do what politicians want them to do.  That is the goal of the political left.  So much for the rule of law.  So much for free markets.

Inequality will only get worse if the the left has its way.  (Note that the Clinton fortune will not be taxed under her estate tax plan because it is carefully sequestered into the Clinton Foundation, to be preserved for future generations of Clintons).  Pretty clever on the part of the Clintons.  Let others pay, but provide an escape valve for yourself.

So, the beat goes on.

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