Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump Economics Reflects Kudlow Influence

Donald Trump's call for lower taxes, less regulation and the abolition of the estate tax reflects the beneficial influence of Larry Kudlow, who is mostly a supporter of free markets.  I say mostly, because Kudlow was a cheerleader for the government bailouts of 2008 and is a frequent supporter of policies that he thinks will boost the value of the dollar.

While Trump's views on international trade are not helpful, they are popular.  Hopefully, these new economic strategies of lower taxes and less regulation will move to center stage.  If adopted, the regime promoted in Trump's speech would go a long way toward an American renewal.

If economic growth became a priority once more, many of the economic problems of inequality, poverty, and lack of opportunity could be tackled.  Absent economic growth, the future will be more division, more class warfare and more extreme political rhetoric.

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