Sunday, August 28, 2016

Surprise, Surprise! Obamacare Unraveling

All the left wing newspapers including the NYTimes and WAPO are running front page stories about the dramatic failures of Obamacare.  Where to begin?

How about cost to consumers.   Insurance premiums have gone through the roof with no end in site.  Meanwhile, deductibles are running several thousand dollars per year higher than before Obamacare came into existence.  For the middle class, this is a complete disaster.

How about insuring everyone?  Less than half of those projected by the CBO have actually been signing up.  We have increased, not decreased, the number of uninsured middle class Americans by enacting Obamacare.

How about health care results?  Increasingly, middle class Americans forego routine checkups and health care preventive maintenance because they cannot afford Obama insurance deductibles.

Net result:  most Americans have seen a dramatic fall off in access to health care and a dramatic drop in health care affordability.  The worst of both worlds.

All of this was easily predictable. 

Lesson:  only free markets can deliver affordable high quality health care.  End of story.

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