Tuesday, July 5, 2016

WaPo Deliberately Misleading Its Readers?

Catherine Rampell's article today is misleading in the extreme.  It's basic theme is that "wedge" issues are costing taxpayers a bundle.  This, from a reporter, who has been a cheerleader for the doubling of the US National Debt in the past eight years.  The costs cited by Rampell in this article wouldn't pay for Hillary Clinton's jet fuel last year.

Rampell, instead of focusing on real spending issues, seems to be attempting to deliberately mislead her readers by citing the minimal costs of the bathroom controversy in North Carolina.  Meanwhile the completely out-of-control spending of her political bedfellows in the Obama Administration have never merited a comment.  She's worried about a half million dollar cost, while $ 8 trillion cost by her political allies goes unnoticed.

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