Friday, July 15, 2016

They Can't Afford To Defend Themselves

If you're wondering why Europe can't seem to avoid terror attacks, look no further than the end game of the entitlement state.  There is no money left to provide for their own defense.  Resources are currently being squandered in grand style to fund the entitlement state and feed bloated bureacracies.  Things that folks really need, like protection from foreign enemies are no longer feasible.

In the US, social security has already run out of money.  Medicare is due to go broke in 2020.  So, how can the US find the resources to defend itself.  The answer: it can't.

You can't provide the Bernie Sanders program, if you want to protect your citizenry from enemies sworn to kill them.  That's why Obama doesn't even try.  It would interfere with his interest in funding the chimerical global warming crusade and maintain the massive, but broke, entitlement system.

There is just nothing left to provide for national defense in either Europe or the US.  So, expect attacks like Paris and Nice to come to our shores soon.  Hand wringing is the new national defense policy -- in Europe and the US.  How about banning truck sales?

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