Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Bernie Sanders Platform

The Democratic platform, if enacted, would obliterate any hope for economic progress in the future for the US.  Virtually nothing is left for the free market.  In many ways, it is advocating the system that was in place in the old Soviet Union, where the rhetoric was helping the poor and eliminating inequality, but the reality was dictating virtually every aspect of life.  Individual freedom is not in this platform.  Government mandates are all that this is about.

There will be winners.  Take a trip to Washington DC and walk through the NW section of the District.  Most work days you will see people walking their dogs, jogging quietly through the beautiful homes and lush landscape.  This is where the modern bureaucracy lives.  These folks have protected lives, protected jobs.  These folks graduated from the elite schools that most Americans can no longer afford.  They live in a sheltered, protected world free from the struggles of ordinary Americans, who they consider their inferiors.

They think that most Americans are ignorant slobs that require their (dictatorial) guidance.  These elitists feel that the Americans who love their churches, their guns, obey local laws, have respect for law enforcement and the American flag are contemptible racists.

It's now all about going to the right elite schools, parroting the same politically correct ideology to pave your way into political power or plant your feet into the bureaucracy to live the good life.  Those other Americans who are out fending for their economic lives in what is left of the private sector are beneath contempt to these elitists who bask in the self adulation that they and they alone occupy the moral high ground.  No need to permit dissent, when you have all the answers.

In short, these are the new class that Miljovan Djilas spoke about when he opined on the rise of the communist apparatus in the old Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.  Those who make the rules don't have to live by the rules.  Congress and the bureaucracy don't pay minimum wage to their interns, but everyone else is required by law to do so.  Do as I say, not as I do. Why the double standard?  Because the folks in power have the "correct" ideology.  They went to the "right" schools and believe the "right" things.  Everyone else is destined to follow the rules made by this elite.

These kinds of double standards are encoded in the Democratic platform adopted by its convention on Monday. Everything from abolishing the energy industry to eliminating due process from a variety of everyday activities are in this platform.  What is completely absent in this platform is any effort to deal with the public school disaster that millions of Americans have to deal with every day.  No concern with the lack of jobs that forces increasing numbers of millenials back into their childhood homes after well past adulthood.  This is the old Soviet model absent respect for the rule of law.  The next thing to come will be forcing families to combine into small dwellings, normal housing no longer affordable in the brave new world that this platform leads to.

The Democrats will soon nominate a candidate who thinks the rule of law applies to others, but not to the wealthy and powerful.  This is always where contempt for free markets leads.

Donald Trump is no angel.  Far from it.  But he has yet to give up completely on free enterprise.  The Democrats, if you believe their platform, give freedom no room to maneuver, in the economy or anywhere else.  Only the wealthy and the bureaucracy will win if the Democratic platform becomes the law of the land.

Once economic freedom has been totally proscribed, as required by the Democratic platform, the Venezuela model kicks in.  Political freedom will be obliterated as well.  There is already movement in that direction in the current adminstration's effort to silence those who disagree with the "climate change" religion.  Again, the old Soviet model is instructive.  Force dissent out, force orthodoxy in.

Once you think you have right on your side, then get might on your side, so goes the theme of the Democratic party and platform.  Then, the next stop is modern day Venezuela.

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