Sunday, July 17, 2016

Post Brexit Stumble with Theresa May

The new British Prime Minister will be Theresa May, the leader of the Conservative Party.  Her first official speech echoed George H W Bush's retreat from Reaganomics.  Bush pledged a "kindler, gentler America," which translated into a program of more government, more taxes, more regulation.  It looks like May might be headed in the same direction.

Bush ended up as a one termer, deservedly so.  Bush one never quite understood free markets and seemed viscerally opposed to them.  So, apparently is May, the new British leader.

Ironically, both Bush and May seemed concerned about spreading prosperity when, in fact, their proposals had and will have the effect of curbing prosperity and enlarging the bureaucracy.

Free markets are the only prescription that helps the poor, the minorities, those left out of the economic prosperity enjoyed by the one percenters like Bush One, Soros, Clinton, Buffett, Kerry, Pelosi and Obama. 

Real people need real opportunities.  They can't trade State Department influence for hundreds of millions of dollars like politicians and bureaucrats can.

George H W Bush governed from the left.  It looks like May plans to do the same.  The result should be similar.  Four years from now, May will be long gone, similar to the fate of Bush one.

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