Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is Trump a Free Market Guy?

Trump is about as far from a free market advocate as one can imagine. He is not a socialist in the normal tradition.  He is more a corporate statist who leans heavily on contentious legal actions to produce his personal wealth.  Trump does say that he opposes regulation, but his support for a return to Glass-Steagall belies an anti-regulation philosophy.  His approach to free trade, like virtually all politicians these days, is also not friendly to a free market agenda.

Trump's views on entitlements are bizarre.  Perhaps he hasn't thought about the subject much.

If there is any virtue about the Trump candidacy, maybe it is that he really hasn't thought about any of this very much.  The same could have been said about Harry Truman and he turned out to be a pretty good president.  But, who knows? Harry Truman was a pretty humble fellow, unlike Donald Trump.

Trump is a big, big question mark.  He could be a great president, he could be a terrible president. 

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