Monday, July 11, 2016

Frustrations in the Minority Community

What drives a lot of the angst in minority communities is their economic situation.  Minorities in America are losing ground and have been for more than a decade. That isn't going to change anytime soon.

The proposals by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have zero chance of being funded.  Why?  Existing programs are running out of money.  We are less than a decade away from a time when the entire US fiscal budget is devoted to existing entitlements, leaving no room for anything else, much less the pipe dreams of Hillary and Bernie.

Free this and free that have no chance of becoming a reality, unless the reality you want is what existed in the old Soviet union, where no one had anything, except the ruling elite.

The best hope for minorities is the spread of free markets.  Free markets produce economic prosperity, not the economic stagnation that characterizes the western economies.  Minorities have no hope in a government-dominated economy.  They are a minority.  It is absurd to assume that the majority will prostrate itself before the minority.  It won't.

Minorities need freedom to dig their way out of the situation that they are in, not more shackles such as the Clinton-Sanders program.  The politicians goal is to convince gullible voters that the impossible is possible, while the truth is, the impossible is impossible.

Unless someone is educated, works hard and makes sacrifices, no economic progress is possible.  The naive and absurd ideas of the Clinton-Sanders crowd will simply continue to frustrate those at the bottom of the economic pile, who are being led to believe what will never be.

Maybe, Clinton and Sanders should step down from their limousines and jet planes long enough to take a real hard look at the plight of minorities in the US.   Proposing free this and free that will only make matters worse and lead to increasing frustration and civil unrest.  Returning to free markets helps those at the bottom of the economic pile, no matter what liberals, resting comfortably in their mansions, think.

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