Saturday, July 30, 2016

Free Trade Falls Victim to Over-Regulation

Free trade was once popular.  In an economy with strong job creation, no one worries much about losing jobs to Mexico or anywhere else.  If good jobs replace those that are no longer globally competitive, everyone wins.

By over-regulating the economy and replacing free markets with government controlled and regulated markets, the political process has obliterated the strong job creation that characterizes free market economies.  Thus lost jobs are not replaced.

But the enemy is not free trade. The enemy is big government and over-regulation.

Blocking free trade just means an economy will be less healthy, less productive and provide fewer jobs.  Unfortunately, both political parties have now signed onto this foolish program.

Combining the elimination of free trade with increasing mandated minimum wages means that the burden falls substantially upon the poor and unemployed.   These policies, endorsed by both political parties, will slow the economy, make inequality worse, and exacerbate political divisions.

If you want a healthy economy, support freedom and free markets.

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