Friday, July 1, 2016

Climate Change is the Left's Religion

There is little or no scientific evidence that there is any particular predictive substance to the relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and climate patterns.  That's just a fact, no matter what the climate change cheerleaders would like you to believe.  It's not as if we don't have a lot of data on carbon dioxide levels, which, in the past history of the earth, have been more than sixteen times as high as they are today without one iota of discernible connection to weather patterns.  The claims for climate change amount to little more than religious dogma.  It certainly doesn't represent a scientific conclusion.

That said, there are certainly good reasons to be concerned about the environment including concerns for clean air and clean water.  No question about it.  But by perpetuating the climate change hoax, described by its high priests as  "settled science," today's environmentalists and leftist politicians are discrediting legitimate concerns for the environment.

The real agenda seems to be to shut down the western economies.  In that regard, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  The elimination of the US coal industry, while China dramatically expands its own coal industry, does little more than reduce American living standards for average Americans. This doesn't bother the wealthy and the bureaucrats hell bent on this course, but, overall, these policies don't impact atmospheric carbon dioxide levels at all.  (Not that such changes in carbon dioxide levels would matter in any event). China will more than make up for the self-flaggelation going on in the American economy.

This is reminiscent of the "gun control" religion.  By deflecting attention away from real issues, the "climate change" and "gun control" religions add comfort and serenity to those camped out in their jets and mansions, dictating their religious viewpoints from afar.  None of these wealthy folks and bureaucrats will ever have to deal with the consequences of these religious dictates and pushing these religious themes allows them to bask in the glow of narcissism.  Meanwhile the average American and the poor continue to lose ground as the left's religious wars grind on.

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