Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Thomas Friedman Method of Argument

Thomas Friedman's op-ed in the NY Times describes the Brexit argument as totally one-sided.  Those who support Brexit are morons, trying to advance their careers and ignoring what is obviously the virtue of the "Remain" argument. 

This is so typical of the left (and the NY Times). There aren't two sides to any argument.  There is only one side -- their side.  Anyone who disagrees with Friedman and his ilk is some combination of ignorant, evil or totally self-interested. Only Friedman has a command of the facts and logic and the moral high ground.

Friedman does not believe in discourse; he believes in demonizing those who don't happen to share his views.  Rather than present cogent arguments, Friedman's debate strategy is to label those who disagree with him as morally unbalanced and stupid.  One wonders what Friedman thinks of free speech, quite unnecessary given his world view -- that only he is high minded and rational.  Everyone else is an evil idiot in Friedman's view.

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