Friday, June 24, 2016

The Elites Sound the Alarm

Political elites in the western world seem unanimous in their new-found concern for economic growth.  Having presided over the obliteration of economic growth from the western economies over the last three decades, now, suddenly the elites are sounding the alarm.

They seem to think that, absence their guidance, the western economies will collapse.  Hello!  The western economies have been stuck in the mud for a generation, thanks to their guidance.

There is no economic growth in Europe, no opportunity for the young and disadvantaged.  The western economies are great for bureaucrats and for the wealthy elites, but they are a disaster for the average citizen.  Finally, the average citizen got a vote.  Now, the elites are forecasting doom.

One of the pundits today made the following comment while expressing his views:  "I don't think that's debatable."  That statement is so typical of the elitists that destroyed economic progress in the western world.  These are the same folks that think climate change is "settled science," as if such a term made any sense at all.

These elites have used their political position to deprive ordinary citizens of the opportunity to freely participate in the economy.  They have used regulations, wage and work hour laws, government health care and education to freeze their societies to protect the hegemony of the elite and the wealthy.  Sooner or later, ordinary citizens will resist these chains.  That's what yesterday's vote reveals.

Only a return to free markets will advance the opportunities for ordinary folks.  Brexit may not take Britain in the right direction; that remains to be seen.  Staying in the EU all but guaranteed economic stagnation and ultimate sovereign bankruptcy for the Brits, with no say along the way.  Brexit is certainly better than that.  It provides hope for the average Brit, who had no hope living under the thumb of the Brussels bureaucrats.

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