Saturday, June 18, 2016

Education in the Digital Age

The world is a different place in the digital age.  So, shouldn't education acknowledge how different the world is today, than it was two or three decades ago?

What are the trends in education today?  The simplest and most general goal of the education establishment from K through 12 to the elite universities is to establish uniformity of thought about political issues.

Diversity and multi-cultural programs are the biggest growth areas in virtually all of America's educational institutions. Why?  Because it is easy to do.  Actually educating people so that they can make decisions in the future is a much, much more difficult proposition.

If teaching useful skills for the future was of interest, then teaching computer science and computer skills generally would be near the top of the education agenda.  In fact, requiring students to learn computer science and develop computer skills is considered largely irrelevant in today's evolving education curricula.

Instead, learning to repeat specific political dogma and restricting speech to avoid "micro-aggressions" is the top issue on the modern university campus.  Banning speakers, whose political views are centrist or right wing is high on the list of priorities for the modern university administrators.

Curricula is being revised at all levels of education to insist upon political indoctrination, much in the old Soviet style.  If you don't believe or say things in a very specific way, acceptable to the speech police that now roam the modern university, you will find yourself in a heap of trouble.

Meanwhile, learning things like mathematics, writing skills, foreign languages, computer skills have few defenders among folks who run today's universities.  These things may be useful for the economic future of students, but they hold little or no interest to "educators," whose main interest is enforcing a political agenda.

The plan for ideological uniformity is the dominant theme of public education as well.  The failure of our public schools is primarily attributable to the lack of interest by the educational establishment in developing the skill sets for their students that are required to be successful in the modern economy.

This educational abyss is the main reason that the US is growing increasingly non-competitive on the world stage.  Asian countries are going the other way.  Asian education emphasizes math, language and computer skills, while Europe and the US are mostly engaged in thought control.

True education provide skills and tries to develop free and independent inquiry.  Unfortunately, US education is mostly devoted to stifling independent thought and silencing free speech.  Skill development appropriate to the digital age seems, to the educational establishment, largely irrelevant.

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