Friday, June 24, 2016

Brits Vote to Escape The Brussels Bureaucrats

With heavy pluralities from working class precincts, Britain confounded the pundits and voted to leave the European Union.  The elitists took it on the chin.  It's interesting to notice that, as global stocks fell this morning, British stocks fell much less than German and French stocks and far, far less than the stock collapses in Spain and Italy. 

Why did the British market do so much better than the EU nations?  Maybe the British voter knew something the pundits didn't know.

The "remain" supporters accused the average Brit of racism because the immigration issue was the dominant reason for the "leave" vote.  Why racism?  Every poll in Muslim nations in the Middle East shows that more than 90 percent of these Muslim populations hate and despise westerners and western culture. 

Does it make sense to bring in and provide financial support for hundreds of thousands of folks that are quite frank about their hatred of you and your society?  What are the chances of assimilating folks with this view of the world? 

There are no elected British officials in Brussels.  Under the EU, Britain has no vote on anything the EU does.  It's leave or be ruled by folks that answer to no one.  The Brits made the right decision.

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