Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brexit Predictions

Would that it were so easy. 

The "Remain" group, which now includes George Soros, ever the spokesman for the downtrodden from his yacht, his jet or his limousine, now argues that leaving the EU will create economic catastrophe for Britain.

Keep in mind that Europe is one of the weakest economic regions on the planet.  How is staying joined at the hip in a declining economic zone, overburdened with absurd regulations, good for the British?

Adding to the economic problems is the immigrant crisis which has been so badly mishandled by Angela Merkle.  Why can't Britain decide its own immigration policies?  Look at what has already happened in continental Europe because of a poorly thought-out immigration policy.  Immigration can't work if the entering population has no interest in assimilating into the existing population.

Let's face it.  Europe is an economic disaster in the making.  There has been no economic growth in Europe in a generation and things are getting worse, not better.  Why?  Because government run economies always, ultimately, fail.  Europe will not be an exception.  The Brits should beat a retreat from this nightmare while they still can.

Who cares what happens to the pound?  According to Daddy Warbucks Soros, the pound will fall to 115 dollars per pound.  We'll see.  But, what difference does it make really.  If anything a lower pound will mean higher exports and an improved British economy.

But, whatever.  There is no long term impact of a change in the value of one currency for another.  If there was, it would certainly make economic policy a pretty simple affair.

Britain should renounce its EU membership and embark on a return to free market economic policies.  Then, and only then, will the British economy return to strength and vigor.

It's interesting that Obama has weighed in on this.  He has presided over the worst economic recovery in the history of his country.  He certainly qualifies as an expert on how to torpedo economic growth.  Maybe Obama is an example of the "misery likes company" syndrome.

Under Obama, minorities and low income Americans have seen their relative economic standing plummet.  Meanwhile, Soros and Buffet have done great.  Soros and Buffet love Obama, as well they should.  His policies have been good for the extremely wealthy.  But, for the average American, as for the average Brit, only free market economics will provide any real hope for their future.

Don't listen to the extremely wealthy elitists who only have an interest in preserving their hegemony over the masses.

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