Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit Aftermath

Check out the NY Times and the Washington Post. Once again, if you disagree with the Times or the Post, then there is something fundamentally wrong with you.  You are a racist, a homophobe, or something worse.  Rational debate is not possible in the Times or the Post. They have it figured out and, if you don't agree, you are some kind of evil demon.

Once you run out of arguments, then, like the Times and the Post, you simply resort to name calling.  That seems the strategy for those who think ordinary Brits should no longer control their own destiny.  Either submit to Brussels or you are branded a racist.  Such an edifying discussion.

The cold hard truth is the European Union is a no-growth economy that pits the rich and bureaucrats against average working people.  The elites could care less about the fact that living standards for low income folks are cratering in the western economies.  And none of this has anything to do with international trade, tariffs, or the like.  Over-bearing bureaucracy is what is destroying economic opportunity in the western economies.

Why should the average citizen listen to folks climbing out of their limousines and jets to call them racists and homophobes?  These elitists in their limos and jets have no idea what life is like for the average Brit or the average citizen in the EU (or the US).  Their main interest is in preserving their power and their hegemony over the citizenry.

Bureaucrats worldwide and their protectors in the media have formed an unholy alliance with the extremely wealthy to clamp down on opportunities for ordinary folks.  The Brexit vote shows that ordinary folk are fed up with the elites and reject the notion that their desires for a better life represent some kind of racist outburst.

Freedom from the bureaucracy is what the Brits voted for.  Hopefully, more nations will follow the lead of the average Brit and escape the Brussels nightmare.  Meanwhile, the pundits, the wealthy and bureaucratic elite will continue the name-calling strategy, since they no longer have rational reasons to buttress their plans for securing their own power.

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