Monday, May 30, 2016

EU Defenders Spreading Nonsense

The EU defenders, who oppose the Brits leaving the EU, are repeating the same nonsense that bureaucrats always resort to.  They are claiming economic disaster if the Brits walk.

That is completely ridiculous.  There has been no real boom from joining the EU and there will be no economic collapse when they leave.

In fact, freed from the expense of the EU bureacracy, the average British taxpayer will have one more useless expenditure to deal with. 

Even better, the Brits need not turn over the sovereignty decisions on who can or cannot enter Britain to the unelected bureaucracy in Brussels.  That is the issue that stirs the Brexit folks and rightly,  People have a right to decide their own immigration policies.  You may not like what they decide, but the Brits should make that decision, not Brussels.

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