Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Donald Trump --Really?

Seeing Donald Trump triumphantly blovating his way to the Republican Presidential nomination is like waking up from a bad dream.  If arrogance and bombastic rhetoric was an improvement over common sense, Trump would be just what the doctor ordered.  But is this really what the doctor ordered?

The American economy is sick and getting worse.  Culturally, vast numbers of Americans have bought into the idea that capitalism is just a game for the rich.  So, Donald Trump is the answer?

Trump has demagogued the trade issue, feeding off the ignorance of many Americans, whose job insecurities underlie much of the current angst.  Bad deals with China have nothing to do with the moribund US economy.  The US economy has been strangled by over-regulation -- not bad fiscal or monetary policy or bad trade policy.

How to get the American economy back to the 3 1/2 to 4 percent growth of its pre-2000 history?  That is pretty simple.  Get back to the regulatory environment in which the US economy thrived from 1865 until 1970.  That environment produced an America that was the wealthiest country pre capita in the world and where the middle class consistently gained ground. 

Look at the American health care system.  Costs are surging, unnecessary procedures proliferate and the poor and lower incomes find their health care availability disappearing.  This is what happens when government takes over the health care system, as it has in the US.

What's Trump's answer to the health care system's travails?  Go to a single payer system.  What does that mean?  It means turn the entire health care system into one more government bureaucracy, effectively destroying the historic doctor-patient relationship in the US and ushering in a system guaranteed to decline in quality, much like American public schools -- also run by an uncaring, unfeeling bureaucracy, whose main purpose seems to prop up jobs and incomes for sub-standard employees.

Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?  Until you look at what is happening in the Democratic Party nomination race.  Hillary Clinton?  Bernie Sanders?  These two would embarrass Hugo Chavez with their demands for more and more wealth redistribution and government largesse.  Sanders is more than a socialist.  He gave evidence of his love for the old Soviet regime when he spent his honeymoon worshiping at the Moscow tomb of Vladimir Lenin.

Clinton is less of an idealogue.  Clinton is mainly about gaining personal money and power.  She could just as easily put on the cloak of conservatism as the cloak of liberalism.  Ideas really don't matter much to Clinton, as her constantly shifting views on every subject provide testament.

But there are two things that Clinton supports -- more regulation of business by government and arbitrary decrees by the executive without consultation with Congress. She is publicly on board for both of these Obama-Clinton programs.  These are the very things that have destroyed American economic growth and led to declining real income for middle-class Americans.

So, who would be a better president?  That's easy.  Trump is a far, far, better choice than either Clinton or Sanders.  But, it's a shame that it has come to this.

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