Sunday, April 24, 2016

Capitalism as Criminal

It is becoming more and more an accepted article of faith, especially among younger folks, that those who work hard, save their money, raise their families are little more than criminals.

Capitalism has become a dirty word.  Hypocrites like Warren Buffet have helped to fuel this phenomenon by arguing that the rich should pay more in taxes.  One wonders why, if Buffet believes this, he doesn't step up to the plate and pay more taxes himself.  There is a line on the tax form for folks to pay more than they legally owe and many folks do exactly that.  But not Buffet.  No, indeed.  He wishes to bask in the self adulation of those who say the "right thing," but do what they damn please, even if it is completely inconsistent with their stated views.

Hillary Clinton is another great example. The $ 300,000 speeches that Hillary gives are funded mainly by the taxpayer -- one way or another.  Either the conference takes a tax deduction for spending the money or, as in the case of University of California, the payer is directly the taxpayer, because she is speaking to a taxpayer-funded sponsor.  When has Hillary ever had a real job in the private sector?  Naturally, Hillary has nothing but contempt for the private sector.  She saves her concern for those who don't work hard, who don't save and who could care less what happens to their children.  These are the folks that Hillary champions.

The greed and self interest motivation of the Buffets and Clintons is absolutely astounding.  They say one thing and do another.  But, the one thing that they agree on is that capitalism is a loser.  They much prefer the government taking over our medical system, our financial system, our housing market, our labor markets, and on and on.  And, by and large, they are succeeding.

That's why the western economic engines have sputtered to a halt.  Buffet and Clinton are doing great, as did King Henry the VIII.  But, what about the rest of the country?   How are the folks out in middle America doing?  Not so good.  And it is not going to get any better.

The world has experienced government takeovers of the economy many, many times.  The results are always the same.  If you are following Venezuela's experience with big government, you know where it leads -- poverty, increasing crime, and hopelessness for the bulk of the population, while a small elite lives comfortably and spouts rhetoric about how much they care about the average citizen.

This was the old Soviet Union game plane.  Remember the "worker's paradise?"  And don't think there weren't many, many Americans that fell for this line, as millions of ordinary Russians were systematically being liquidated by the dictatorship of the proletariat.  The rhetoric was all about helping the working classes, as millions lost their lives and those that survived were reduced to subsistence living, while the elite lived in mansions and were chauferred around in limousines.

Bernie Sanders was so enamored of the Soviet Union that he chose to spend his honeymoon there -- not after the Fall of the iron curtain but during some of the worst excesses of Soviet slaughter.  He liked that regime apparently.  But, he hates capitalism, which is obvious every time he takes the podium.

When you watch contemporary television, what do you see?  Businessmen are always crooks, bent on despoiling the environment and poisoning their clients -- all for the mighty dollar.  Who writes this stuff?  Mainly folks who have never ventured into the private sector and spend the bulk of their time around the wealthy and the elite bureaucrats who live off this system.  The TV show "Billions" is written by the elitist Andrew Ross Sorkin, a TV star masquerading as a financial columnist.  He despises capitalism, as is obvious from his daily repartee on CNBC.

Meanwhile, folks who get up every day and trudge to work, look after their families -- the old and the young, save their money for a brighter day, are verbally bludgeoned regularly with accusations or racism, sexism, homophobism, and on and on.  They just don't get it.  The elite, who have protected bureaucratic jobs or tenured positions, lord over the average American and have nothing but contempt for the average American value system. Not having to compete for a living, these bureaucrats, like Jack Lew -- currently Secretary of the Treasury, blow up companies and jobs for the sheer fun of it.

But, capitalism is what created jobs for all of these cynical bureacrats and, by destroying capitalism, they are destroying the wealth creation mechanism that permitted these folks to take power in the first place.  It is only a matter of time until they eat their own and we are already seeing that.  By turning his trade deal into an imposed social blueprint for the US and their trading partners, Obama has found that even his allies don't like international trade anymore.  The Republicans don't either.  The Republican Party is no more pro-capitalism, than it's Democratic counterpart.  The free market folks in both parties seem to have thrown in the towel.

Looking down the road, it is clear where the anti-capitalism plan takes you.  Greek politicians for the past six decades have decried the evils of capitalism.  They pretty much installed the entire Clinton-Sanders program four decades ago.  Now, they reap the fruits of their program.  Yes, everything is free in Greece, but in reality nothing is really available other than poverty, crime, the collapse of the health care system, the collapse of the government's finances and an economy that is shrinking.  So, Greece went from a thriving economy to disaster under the Clinton-Sanders-Chavez program.   But, the bureaucrats in Greece still live well to this day.  Meanwhile, the average Greek citizen lives a life of hopelessness and it won't get better soon.

So, while the youth of America join hands with cynical bureaucrats in arguing for free this and free that, the steady erosion of the values of thrift and hard work means the obliteration of economic growth.  What has happened since 2008 -- the worst economic recovery in American history -- will be viewed in retrospect as the good times.  Even 2 percent growth seems a pipe dream, given the growth of government and the relative decline in the private sector in the US.

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