Monday, March 28, 2016

The Cynicism of the California Left

Imagine that you were out of work and looking for a job.  Imagine also that it was a tough environment to secure a job, because you lacked the job skills.  Suppose you are not a graduate of an elite college and not a young Silicon Valley whiz kid.  Instead, you are, at best, a high school graduate, a minority, and no job history.

Now, enter the State of California and the elitists who run that state.  Pass a law that says, starting tomorrow, folks at the bottom of the pile must be paid twice what they were paid yesterday.  You couldn't find a job at $ 8 per hour, but the now the law says you can't legally work unless you are paid $ 15 per hour.

This is simply California's way of eliminating poor people from the work force.  If you lack job skills, California gives you two choices: 1) go on welfare; 2) leave California.  There are no other options offered.

What's fair is fair.  Why not pass the same laws for folks who make more than $ 100,000 per year.  How about this:  starting tomorrow, if you currently make six figures, your employer will be required to double your pay or fire you.  Wonder if the elitists in California would back that law?  Not likely, because it affects them.

This hypocritical war on poor people is driven by entitled elitists, who have never faced the problems that California's poor face every day.


liberty&justice said...

I sent your point along to Joe Kernen and he paraphrased it today on Squwakbox. Love your blog, You always hit it out of the park.

Steve Lewis

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