Thursday, March 3, 2016

Oregon Declares War on Poor People

Yesterday, Oregon's Governor Brown signed a newly enacted punitive law banning jobs for their citizens who are at the bottom of the skills ladder.  The new law says that unless your job skills exceed $ 25 per hour within the next five years it will be illegal for you to have a job in any city in the state of Oregon.  In the rural communities, you will be required to have at least $ 20 per hour in skills to legally hold a job.  (The reason the numbers are $ 25 and $ 20 is that you have to factor in all of the other costs other than wages that the government requires, at a minimum, that employers pay).

Outlawing jobs for the poor is the new wave of left wing solutions to the problems of poor educational achievement in our failing schools.  This is part of a two part strategy: 1) Forbid any competition in the poorest public schools (by outlawing school choice), so that low income Americans do not receive much in the way of an education (the wealthy already have school choice); 2) Outlaw job training for the poorest Americans by requiring minimum cash payments by any firm having the temerity to consider hiring someone with minimal job skills and training them on the job in lieu of cash payments.

Elite and successful Oregonians cheered this attack on the poor as providing social justice.  An interesting new form of noblesse oblige.

Of course, the poor will have no choice but to move out of Oregon to find a more hospitable economic climate.  No doubt this is the real motive behind Oregon's most recent war on the poor.

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