Friday, March 25, 2016

An Ignorant Administration

The President's recent statements equating the number of Americans dying in bathtub accidents with the number of American's dying from terrorist acts reveals how little this Adminstration understands about the world that we live in.

When someone dies in a bathroom accident, no fear is generated across the world.  There is no reduction in economic activity or tourism, no increase in wait times at airport security checkpoints. The President acts as if the public responds to accidents in a bathtub similarly to how the public reacts to the planned and successfully executed slaughter of innocent civilians in a theater or an airport.  How ignorant and disconnected can you get?

It is little wonder that the President doesn't understand the rise of polarized politics during his two terms in the White House.  He lives in a cocoon unrelated to the real world concerns and activities of ordinary citizens.

That's probably why the President thinks two percent economic growth is so great.  The President lives in a world of his dreams with little or no connection to real world problems that ordinary folks face every day.

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blue skies said...

The obama administration has managed to politicize every facet of a once functioning Gov't and the GOPe are jealous.