Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Some Climate Change Honesty Would Help

President Obama spoke today about climate change as if everyone should buy in to the solution that he and world leaders propose.

It is worth pausing and thinking about the implications for the average American living in a world of inconsequential economic growth. 

What the President proposes is a dramatic reduction in the living standards of the average American (not in the living standards of Obama, Hillary, Buffett, Kerry, etc....they will still live high on the hog).  But, the average America's standard of living will be cut by well over half if the President and his world leader friends get their way.

Is it any wonder that before we take America back to the 19th century economy, we pause to find out if there is any substance to the Obama version of climate change (otherwise known as global warming).

The argument is that increased CO-2 levels create a greenhouse effect in the upper atmostphere that causes warming (and now, since warming is not occurring, causes increased weather volatility (also not substantiated by any significant empirical evidence)). 

In the Cambrian age, CO-2 levels were 15 times what they are today with no appreciable impact on temperatures or weather volatility.  CO-2 levels and temperature and weather patterns have a great deal of variation over the long history of the earth.  No apparent pattern in this voluminous data has yet to be discerned.

So the rush to the poorhouse for the average American, while Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Buffett, Schumer, Warren look gleefully on from their penthouses, is probably not in the cards regardless of how much some former community organizer thinks that climate change (whatever that may mean) is indisputable science.

But, at the very least, Obama and his cohorts should level with the American people and tell them that he plans to reduce them to beggary to satisfy his ego and the mystical notion of climate change.

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