Saturday, February 6, 2016

Free Tuition - Robbing the Poor to Give to the Rich

Bernie Sanders has a novel idea.  Why should affluent people pay for their college tuition?  Let's make it free.  The affluent need a break!  Thanks Bernie.  Hillary should soon endorse this brilliant scam as well.

Who goes to college?  Everyone except poor folks and lower and middle income folks.  Why shouldn't poorer folks shoulder the burden for their wealthier friends?  That's what Bernie proposes.

Bernie says he will tax the rich, but that is not how this scam will turn out (they never do!).   If tuition were free, it would be like the public schools, where property taxes, already burdening lower to middle income citizens provide the funding. The same would prove true for free colleges.

Will the poor and low income kids start heading to these free schools?  No.  They won't have any hope or, or even the remotest interest in, attending college.  Absent school choice or some other major reform, the poor and lower middle income are consigned to schools that provide little or no education and are mainly in existence for the sole purpose of providing income to "teachers," many of whom have no idea how to teach and not much interest.  These schools are mostly creatures of the powerful teachers unions and are not designed or intended to educate anyone.

So the same folks who now attend college -- the relatively affluent, like Bernie and Hillary -- will be the same folks who attend college under the Bernie/Hillary plan.  The only difference is that poor people and lower mcome families will begin to should more of the costs, for schools they are not ever likely to attend.

None of this, of course, gives pause to Bernie so long as 19 year old, affluent, college kids hold up signs at Bernie's rallies, demanding implicitly that poor folks start paying more of the tab for these kids college escapades.

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