Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Absurdity at Brown University

There is a very insightful article in today's Washington Post about the plight of "activists" at Brown University.  The complaint, by "activists," is they cannot do their schoolwork because they are too busy being "activists."

None of these "activists" are paying their own way.  Either their wealthy parents are providing the funding are they are on a free ride with their tuition provided free of charge.  Given that, you wonder why such students have any incentive at all to go to class, study or do anything productive.  Folks who really need the education are not "activists."  They are, in fact, far too busy to engage in "activist" activities.  Getting an education is serious business and takes serious effort.  It's not going to happen if one devotes oneself to outside activities.

The problem is, of course, that many professors are "activists" and actively (no pun intended) encourage students in the direction of "activism," to the neglect of their studies.  Why not?  It is so much more fun.

Those who think taxpayers should fund higher education should take a look at this article.  It shows that large number of students and faculty think Americans should provide the funding for students to act out their (naive) political view and not pursue an education.  Why should taxpayers fund this nonsense.  The simple and obvious answer is that the taxpayer should not pay one thin dime for any of this.

If students paid for their own education, it would be cheaper and they would be much more serious students.  If the government continues to fund all of this, as it does now, American higher education will continue to drift toward increasing political action and educational irrelevance.

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