Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New York Times and What Constitutes "Proof"

An editorial in today's NYTimes reads "Proof that a Tax on Carbon Works."  Wow!  I have been waiting for something like that.  According to the editorial, the NYTimes has "proof" that a tax on carbon has no effect on economic growth.  Wouldn't that be nice. 

So, I read the editorial and found the "proof."  Referring to British Columbia, the editorial reads:

 "Researchers have found that the tax helped cut emissions but has had no negative impact on the province’s growth rate, which has been about the same or slightly faster than the country as a whole in recent years."

Wow!  That's impressive.  Unnamed researchers constitute "proof" in the minds of the NYTimes.  This is similar to the climate change discussions in the NY Times.  Things are "proved" to the NY Times, whenever the NYTimes believes that they are true.  That's all it takes.  Too bad, they couldn't (or wouldn't, for obvious reasons) name the "researchers" who came up with this absurd conclusion.

Even the NYTimes editorials are a pack of lies, consistent with the rest of their so-called newspaper.

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