Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Paris Climate Change Pact

The Paris Climate Change Pact brings the curtain down on what will be remembered as the last hurrah for the climate change crowd.  The Pact requires nothing of anyone.  But, the Pact pretends to reduce carbon emissions with a heavy dose of wishful thinking.

None of the signatories can currently afford their own national debt levels and domestic welfare burdens, much less commit themselves to an heroic belt tightening, that would be required to reduce CO2 emissions. In fact, the current lower trajectory of fossil-fuel energy pricing will increase CO2 emissions well beyond anything currently projected.  (But don't be surprised if temperatures fail to rise).

This is mainly a bunch of rich, disconnected and empty-headed politicians who have long since lost any grip on the economics of the real world.  In the real world, overly obtrusive government has shut down all of the major world economies. Only parts of China and Asia are still hopefully looking to the future.

In the US, minimal growth is now the accepted norm.  In Europe, zero growth is the accepted norm.  Frankly, there isn't a lot of difference anymore between the US and Europe -- neither has much of an economic future.

Batten down the hatches, because almost all of the developed nations in Paris will soon be paring back on their promises of retirement security and publicly provided health care.  Not a single developed country in the world can afford their current promises.  There is certainly no room to deal with climate change -- real or imagined.

Actual facts on the ground don't seem to matter to the wealthy activists who tout the climate change agenda.  That the poor would be ground into the dust if they got their way doesn't matter to these activists, who mainly focus on the pose they strike preening in front of the world's adulating press.

So, Al Gore can step back into his fancy jet and continue polluting the atmosphere more in a couple of hours than most people do in a lifetime.  Then, Gore can return to his palatial estate in the US and sit back, Scrooge-like, in his bathtub of billions.  That's the life of the modern day environmental activist.

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