Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So Much for Climate Change

The politics of climate change has been dealt a severe blow by the abundance of fossil-fuel energy that appears not to be going away anytime soon.  If gas and oil are cheap, then people will use more of them...and they are.  The alternative energy businesses have been savaged by the declining prices of fossil-fuel energy.

What kind of cars are people buying?  The big, old gas guzzlers!

By painting climate change as apocalyptic and letting the developing world do whatever it wants, it is very clear that the developed world is not going to make the sacrifices that the Paris agreement wishes for. 

The failure to provide a reasoned, bi-partisan approach to the issue of climate change has made climate change a hot-button partisan shouting match.  Arbitrary actions by the EPA and by the Obama Administration will be reversed by the next Administration, regardless of which party occupies the White House.  The public will not be willing to return to stone age economics while the rest of the world passes it by.

Europe has already abandoned almost all of its green initiatives.  The US will follow suit within 24 months when saner and less partisan folks occupy the White House.

Only then, perhaps, can we have a serious discussion about climate change.  Hysterics and arbitrary decrees won't get anything done. The public must be convinced with reasoned argument and legitimate science that there is a real problem before the political will can be mustered to sacrifice economic growth for what might be nothing more than an academic illusion.

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