Saturday, December 5, 2015

Climate Change Politics

Ever since industrialization began more than three centuries ago, there are always those who say:  "Whoa, lets stop all of this."

Invariably those who advocate stopping all of this are already quite wealthy themselves and are perched on top of the economic pile.  As Europe and the US went to Paris as the wealthiest countries in the world, they looked down their noses at China and India as Johnny-come-latelies.  "Lets stop all of this, but let us keep ours," say the US and Europe.

No one knows if the globe is really warming or not.  The globe is always either warming or cooling.  I guess that's why the left has adopted the notion of climate change, since it is nothing more than a truism -- the climate is always changing.  Who can argue with that?

But, what to do?

According to the climate change crowd, nothing will really do the trick unless all carbon emissions are halted permanently.  For China and India, that means mass famine.  For the US, that means major increases in poverty and a dramatic fall in standard of living of average Americans, except for the chosen few (those already wealthy).  This seem like a pretty high price to pay for something that, as yet, is little more than speculation.

If it is that big an issue, why don't those who believe it stop polluting the atmostphere with their personal jets and limousines?  Are they exempt?

Environmental activists tend to be very wealthy as a group.  They tend to be major polluters themselves.  Yet, somehow, environmental activists feel that as long as they say the right things, that the reality of what they are doing is irrelevant.

But, for the rest of us, reality matters.

Read "Green Gone Wrong" to get a true taste of what havoc on the environment is directly caused by environmental activists and the implementation of their policies.  It's pretty clear from author Heather Ross, an environmental activist herself, that thus far, environmental activism has mainly served to damage the environment, no matter high-minded the motives of such activists might be.

As in many other things, activism itself is usually mainly an exercise in egotism, not a cure for what ails the planet.

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