Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Ultimate Elitist Argument by Ezekiel Emanuel

One of the originators of the ideas behind Obamacare is Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emaneul.  Emanuel has written an editorial in today's NYTimes (otherwise known as the Democratic Party Times) with the headline: "I am paying for your expensive medicine."

Emanuel is now concerned that drug price increases make "affordable care" unaffordable, especially for low income Americans.  Everything about the ACA (the "Affordable Care Act") makes health care unaffordable, not just for low income Americans, but especially for middle income Americans.

Emanuel's solution?  Make drug prices equal to the value that they create.  Who decides value?  He does.

This is the ultimate destination for those who are destroying our health care system -- impose the system that existed in Soviet Russia.  An unelected bureaucracy decides who gets what and at what price.

This means that folks like Emanuel and his brother will always gets great health care, but that the average American will increasingly be exposed to a third world health care system.

The elite always wants to substitute their judgment for that of ordinary individuals.  The elite assume that the average person is an idiot and his/her views don't count.

Once you require that everyone buy only what Emanuel and his ilk want them to buy (aka Obamacare), regardless of what people want or need, it is a short step to raising the price and reducing the quality of what the public is buying.  That is where Emanuel and his cohorts in the Obama-Clinton world are taking us.

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