Saturday, November 21, 2015

Europe is Toothless

The idea that Europe can confront ISIS is a joke.  Europe cannot afford the resources to mount an effort to defeat ISIS and is bound to sit back and endure future terror attacks with little but body bags to show for it.


European economies no longer grow.  Worse, their Muslim minorities have never been assimilated and never will be.  France and Germany face internal and external threats of violence that they do not have the resources to defend against.  Where will Europe get the troops and resources necessary to take the fight to ISIS?  The answer:  nowhere.

Europe long ago adopted socialism as the economy of choice.  Socialist economies don't grow.  They simply divide a constant pie among an ever bickering population of special interests.  Worse, they accumulate unpayable debts that loom over their economies and darken their economic future.  Economies like this can't fight anything.  All they can do is provide a limited defense at great personal costs to their population.  France will get used to constant domestic violence in time.  There is nothing they can do about it.

Only free markets can provide the resources for the economic growth necessary to defend the developed world.  Unfortunately, the developed world is heading in the opposite direction by increasing the role of government and reducing the role of the free market.

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