Monday, November 30, 2015

Climate Change Posturing in Paris

Oren Cass in the Europe Edition of Politico has a clear headed analysis of the absurdity of the Paris Climate Change conference taking place this week.  As he notes, "the developing world, projected to account for four-fifths of all carbon-dioxide emissions this century, will earn applause for what amounts to a promise to stay on their pre-existing trajectory of emissions-intensive growth." 

So four-fifths of all carbon-dioxide emissions are not even under discussion -- at all.

Cass goes on: "After all this, the final submissions are not enforceable and carry no consequences beyond shame for noncompliance -- a fact bizarrely taken for granted by all involved."

Meanwhile, Obama and other "world leaders" are taking a bow, while the Pope gazes on, approvingly.  The conference itself is producing 300,000 tons of carbon-dioxide, so, in that sense, the conference is having an impact on carbon-dioxide emissions.

This is a huge hoax and should fool no one.  American taxpayers should not pony up to fund Obama's promised gifts to the developing world for doing nothing whatsoever.  We need the money, after seven years of Obama, more than they do.

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