Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Affordable Care" Costs Spiral Out of Control

The "Affordable Care Act" is turning into a bad joke.  There has been zero material reductions in the number of uninsured, the main goal of the act, while health insurance costs as well as basic health care costs are spiraling out of control.

For most American families, health care costs, if you add in the rise of deductibles, are now nearly double what they were before the ACA come into existence, little more than five years ago.  Meanwhile the quality of health care available to the insured has dramatically fallen, as bureaucrats replace doctors as the decision makers. 

There are no incentives for government bureaucrats to produce quality health care at a reasonable price -- so they don't -- why should they?  Only rich and powerful liberals like Obamacare, as the ACA is known, mainly because they don't have to experience it.   Only the poor and middle class have to fight their way through life with Obamacare -- Obama and Hillary have other ways of getting their health care.

The public has always been right on this issue.  Obamacare has never been popular in any polls with the average American, who saw through the fabrications and misrepresentation of the Obama Administration and their allies in a Democratically-controlled Congress.

But the truth is now there for all to see.  An article in today's Wall Street Journal by Evelyn Everton and Chris Hudson notes the disastrous impact on state budgets of the "free-money" medicaid expansion.  States already reeling from misrepresentations by politicians of the costs of public retirement systems are now overwhelmed by the dramatic and apparently unexpected costs of "free-money" medicaid expansion. 

The staggering costs of medicaid expansion should sink the almost non-existent presidential hopes of Ohio Governor John Kasich, whose misrepresentations of the facts regarding medicaid expansion are embarrassing to his candidacy.

The idea that government could provide a health insurance scheme that could maintain health care quality and reign in costs was a ridiculous proposition in the first place, something a majority of Americans have known from the very beginning.  Only an autocratic, undemocratic elite could impose something as horrible as Obamacare on the American public, who will, in time, overturn this nightmare.

Only free market health care and free market health insurance can deliver quality health care at a reasonable cost.  Europe learned that long ago; Americans are learning it now.

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