Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tough Call on TPT, But "No" Is the Right Answer

The president received the authority to negotiate the Trans Pacific Trade agreement with several Asian countries -- the biggest is Japan -- from the Congress.  Now, the Obama-negotiated trade agreement is headed to Congress for approval.  For reasons apparently known to no one, some of the agreement details are "classified" and even Congressmen, expected to vote on the measure, are not permitted to read it in detail.  If that sounds absurd, it is.

So, do you vote yes or no?

The first question is: can you vote on something that you are barred from reading?

The second question is will approval of this deal further the expansion of free trade or make free trade more difficult to implement in the future.  Why?  The president has loaded this deal with concessions to big labor and to environmentalists that gut most of the "free" in "free trade." If this deal becomes a pattern for future deals, then it should be rejected for that reason alone.

If you can't read the details in the agreement, then it should be rejected for that reason alone.

Is there much left to say?  This deal should be rejected.

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