Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Budget Debate and Shutting Down The Government

According to the US Constitution, Congress makes the laws, including those governing the spending of money, and the President is the executive, enforcing the laws made by Congress.  So, how does a budget get enacted and implemented, according to the Constitution?

The House originates the budget, passes it and then the Senate acts.  Suppose the House and Senate have acted, then the budget goes to the White House for signature.

What happens if the White House says:  "I will veto this unless it includes massive monetary payments and bribes for me and my friends."  Then, suppose the White House proceeds to a veto.

Who is responsible for shutting down the government in this scenario?  Yep.  The White House.

So, the House and Senate should pass the budget resolution and the debt limit ceiling with whatever provisions they want.   Then, if the President chooses to shut down the government by demanding that he alone can enact legislation through veto threats, then let the President shut down the government by using his veto.

Forget the media's interpretation.  The true interpretation is that Congress is responsible for making the laws and if the President is willing to shut down the government to thwart Congressional intent, then let him.

It is way past time for the Congress to play the role that the Constitution intended and challenge the assertions of an over-reaching White House.  The President is shutting down the government whenever he vetoes a spending bill or a debt-limit bill. It is as simple as that.

Congressional leaders should stop saying: "We will not shutdown the government."  Congress is not shutting down the government by passing a budget and passing or refusing to pass a debt limit extension.  Congress is simply performing its function as provided for in the US Constitution.  Only the President can shut down the government if Congress does the job that it is supposed to do.

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liberty&justice said...

That's the way it works when a Republican president and a Democrat congress are in power. It's heads we win and tails you loose for the Democrats and totally the corrupt MSM media. Also has anyone asked why Lois Lerner had to take the 5th if she did nothing wrong! Corruption and abuse of power everywhere and the watch dog press cheer leads it!!!