Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Rubbish From Academia

One Stanford "scientist" and his two Berkeley colleagues have penned a study recently asserting that average income in Mexico will plunge 73 % due to "global warming."  US per capita income will fall 36 percent by 2100, according to "research" published by this trio.  This insightful nonsense will emerge into daylight in the November 30th issue of Nature magazine.

What is the basis for this "scientific" result?  You're right! Nothing.

What the authors have done is compare periods of high temperature with periods of low temperature and then check out the economic growth rates in the periods.  As an undergraduate essay, this absurd "research" would struggle to get a passing grade.  But, in the highly politicized climate of today's higher education "research" world, this nonsense now rates a way station on the way to fame and fortune for extreme left wing academics.

All you need, according to these folks, is a cold spell for the South Sahara to roar past Europe and the US in per capita GDP.  No need for free markets, education, natural resources.   This makes the study of economic development fairly simple.  We should focus on building efficient air conditioners -- that will quickly, according to these folks, provide all the economic growth that these poverty ridden countries will ever need.

Sadly, this kind of "research" is not unusual in the modern American elite university. It is typical.  Serious thinking is increasingly being replaced with stuff like this.

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