Thursday, October 29, 2015

CNBC Embarasses Itself

In last night's Republican debate, the CNBC questioners appeared to have little or no interest in economics or finance, which is supposedly their specialty.  Instead, the questioners seemed more like tabloid reporters, looking to drum up irrelevant side points mostly to make hay for their personal political point of view.

Not surprisingly, a number of the candidates called Harwood and Quintanilla out for their absurd questions.  Harwood and Quintanilla have long been shills for Obama and have now switched their allegiance to Hillary Clinton.  Both of these Democrats have used their platform at CNBC to promote the political agenda of Obama and Clinton, often by shading the truth or deliberately misleading their viewers.

Wednesday night, Harwood and Quintanilla apparently had no interest in economic or financial matters, but focused almost exclusively on trying to bring out negative campaigning to discredit the candidates personally.  How this serves the public's interest in unclear.  Both Harwood and Quintanilla should be ashamed of themselves. They certainly have zero credibility as financial reporters, as their true interests clearly lie elsewhere.

Becky Quick was not as obvious as Harwood and Quintanilla, but she, nonetheless, did serious damage to her credibility.  We have always known that Harwood and Quintanilla make no pretense at objectivity, but Quick's performance was shocking.  It will be difficult, in the future, to see Quick as a serious financial commentator. She made no effort to ask economic or financial questions on Wednesday, but instead asked questions that seemed to be prepared by Democratic operatives.

CNBC had an opportunity to put real economic issues on the table on Wednesday night and get the candidates to respond.  They chose instead to push their personal political agendas, for all of the country to see.

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