Sunday, October 18, 2015

America's Future - On Display in Venezuela

Take a look at the political program of Hugo Chavez, the late popularly elected leader of Venezuela.  Then compare that program to the political program of Obama/Clinton.  Both programs claim that the issue of the day is wealth and income inequality.  Both propose major taxes on "the rich."  Both demonize the business community.  Both argue that retail stores overcharge for their products and underpay their workers.  Both propose dramatic increases in the minimum wage.

Neither program ever references economic growth -- ever!  Both programs see capitalism as an essentially evil institution.  Both see American foreign policy history as essentially predatory.  Both see the Castro regime in Cuba as benign and see American history as a history of evil and exploitation.  Both have little or no respect for the rule of law and are prone to arbitrary "executive actions," put forward by unelected bureaucrats, ignoring the duly elected representatives of actual voters.

Similar programs tend to produce similar results.  So, now that the Chavez program has been thoroughly implemented in Venezuela and Chavez is dead and gone, how is Venezuela doing?

Check out today's NYTimes.  An article by William Neuman and Particia Torres describes the now-desperate plight of the average Venezuelan.  What few goods and services are left in Venezuela are funneled to government workers and political supporters of the regime, reminiscent of the old Soviet regime and the modern day economies of North Korea and Cuba.

Venezuelans now resort to black market activities to provide even the most basic goods and services while the political elite bask in luxury.  Credit cards are now being replaced with barter as the economy increasingly backs up toward stone-age economics.  Except for government employees and the political leadership of this disastrous country, everyone else is broke, starving, lacking health care and basic education and bereft of hope.

In that sense, inequality of wealth and income has been eliminated in today's Venezuela, but that is mainly because wealth and income have collapsed to poverty levels.  This is the end game of the "inequality" gambit.  Meanwhile, the political leaders of Venezuela live high off the hog in a style that even Obama and Clinton would envy.

The "inequality" cause is a political ploy promoted by folks, like the Clintons and Obamas, who possess extreme wealth, unearned by any free market activities.  The end game is political domination and reduced living standards for the masses.  Cuba and Venezuela are the icons for this "inequality" dream.

No country in the history of the world has improved living standards by adopting the Chavez-Obama-Clinton program.  Only free markets can deliver higher living standards.  Every time free markets have been abandoned for political sloganeering, the average citizen's life style collapses.  There are no exceptions throughout history.

Notice that in the recent nationally televised debate featuring Ms. Clinton and others, no one bothered to mention economic growth at all.  Growing the economy no longer matters to these folks. Instead the focus is on dividing a dwindling economic pie.  The average American should check out the NYTimes article on today's Venezuela to get a glimpse into their future, if the Obama-Clinton regimes get their programs fully implemented.

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