Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why Ignorance Matters

No doubt, Pope Benedict is well intentioned.  So were lots of people whose good intentions caused untold misery for humanity throughout history.  Good intentions, combined with ignorance, can be counterproductive.  And so it is, with Pope Benedict.

What Cuba needs is not more good intentions.  Those good intentions were provided by the Castro brothers as they slaughtered millions of innocent Cubas seeking to purify the body politic.  Meanwhile Castro abolished private property, effectively giving himself and his brother the entirety of Cuban property, leaving nothing for the Cuban public.  The Pope this week embraced the Castro brothers.

Meanwhile, the Pope lectures Congress on climate change, a subject he knows absolutely nothing about. Then, he went on to complain about capitalism, as if capitalism was the enemy of the people.  I suppose he preferred Stalin's version of compassion.  Stalin, too, railed against capitalism.  How about the Pope's buddies in Venezuela?  How is that experiment in human compassion going?

The Pope has allied himself with some of the worst folks in human history.  Have we forgotten earlier Papal handholding with Nazi Germany.  Where do these Popes draw the line?  How much latitude should Papal ignorance be given?

Is there any evil, other than capitalism, that the Pope opposes?  If there is, it certainly wasn't obvious in his recent visit.  Seems like just another entitled rich guy, claiming to be virtuous, while supporting tyranny, and opposing free institutions.

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