Monday, September 28, 2015

Trump Economics

Donald Trump, like President Obama, hasn't spent much time thinking about economics and, as a result, the Trump-Obama economic game plans are amateurish at best.  Neither seems to understand capitalism, except how to exploit capitalism for their own personal benefit.  Grand, over-arching principles are completely absent in the worldview of Donald Trump or President Obama. 

Trump has begun to demonize the rich, a persistent theme of almost all politicians these days, without noting that most Trump (and Obama) policies would permanently enshrine wealth and power of the rich.  Trump, like Obama, seems to have no understanding of why America became a great economic power in the first place. One is suspicious that neither really cares.  Neither Trump or Obama offers any policies that would help the poorest Americans climb out of poverty nor any policies that would improve the prospects of average Americans.  Just the opposite.

Trump's idea of capitalism is to get a bunch of rich folks together and decide how to run things.  That about sums it up.  Trump, himself, has never produced a product for a market place, but has instead weazled his way through the bankruptcy laws and peddled his personal fame to extort his way to whatever money he has.  How much, we will never really know.  But, does anyone really care.

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Stephan Warden said...

Professor Burton, I find all of your blog posts extremely interesting and on point, but my one question remains: How are you awake and writing blog posts at 4 in the morning?
Very impressive.