Monday, September 21, 2015

The Republican Debate is Mostly Irrelevant

Does it really matter who wins the presidential election in 2016?  No one is discussing economic growth, economic opportunity for those in poverty, improved education for the least fortunate, returning to free market policies.  Do these issues matter anymore?

The rare occasion when the economy is mentioned, the answers are disconcerting.  All of the Republican candidates who have commented on the minimum wage have announced their support,  though they vary in their enthusiasm.  No one has mentioned vouchers.  Entitlement reform is mostly a taboo topic.  The entire Republican Congressional leadership favors bringing back the Export-Import bank, an insult to free market economics, though most of the candidates say little on this topic. 

It seems that the candidates are mostly interested in planned parenthood, the definition of marriage and immigration.  Not that these issues are irrelevant, but they have sucked the air out of the room and belief in free markets seems absent from the discussion.  Most of these candidates seem to have no problem with big government.  They just want big government to do what they want, not what Obama and Clinton want.

As far as one can tell there are no Ronald Reagans or Margaret Thatchers in this crowd.

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