Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Economic Success -- How and Why?

The new movements on American campuses focus around the idea that economic success is based upon "western ideals."  Instead economic success, they argue, should be based upon something else.  What is that something else?

Egalitarianism -- except where they are personally concerned.  The arrogance and elitism of this point of view is breathtaking.  Those sitting atop the stagecoach of life peering down upon the masses get to decide the rules.  Capitalism, which favors hard work, personal initiative, thrifty and honesty is seen as representing "western values."  Instead such values should be replaced by distributing the goods of society as these new thinkers see fit -- a view that Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Hugo Chavez and the various folks running North Korea certainly would agree with.

Merit, it turns out, is a western value.  That someone can emerge from poverty to become economically successful is an abhorrent idea to the leaders of the modern university.  Instead, these leaders argue, they should personally decide who gets what.  Hillary Clinton has glommed on to this idea to parlay political influence into hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth.  Is there a left wing spokesman for the poor, who isn't personally worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

The war on poor people is alive and well on today's college campuses as concepts of truth, merit, hard work are struggling to find defenders.

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