Saturday, September 19, 2015

DeBlasio's Plan to Waste $ 186 Million

Mayor DeBlasio of New York City has found another way to funnel money to his political allies, while doing nothing for the people of New York.

Realizing that the school system is failing to teach students to read -- yes, you read that right -- NYC schools fail in the most fundamental responsibility a school system can have.  Of course, these failures are concentrated upon the poorest families in New York.  The rich do fine.  Typical of the outcomes of big government advocates.

Instead of offering these problems up to the free market with a voucher system and letting human ingenuity figure out how to teach these students to read, DeBlasio's solution is to waste $ 186 million pouring more money into solutions thought up by politicians, whose motives are obviously less than pure.  DeBlasio's solution is basically to funnel this money to his political allies, who haven't had a new or original thought about childhood education since the early 19th century.

Too bad for the kids who won't be able to read thanks to Mayor DeBlasio.

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