Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Clinton and Sanders Propose New Entitlements

As if the US wasn't hurdling fast enough down the road to insolvency, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seem hell-bent on hastening the process.  Both Clinton and Sanders and have proposed major new taxpayer-financed subsidies for America's colleges and universities.  Saddled with absurd monopolistic practices like tenure and rife with some of the most obvious featherbedding practices in the American economy, the colleges and Universities are the last place to provide ever more subsidies.

The government should butt out.  Only a reduction in government involvement provides any hope of reducing the galloping increases in tuition that have swept the country in the last two decades.  What caused the increases?  Is chalk more expensive?  or blackboards?  I thought the internet lowered communication costs.  Apparently not at the modern university, where costs and administrative salaries know no upper bounds.

This is a pure monopoly where the prices can be raised without limit and where real compensation has no upper bound, other than the dwindling non-taxed resources of the average American.

Get the government out of the way of higher education and you will see tuition prices fall and the Club-Med practices of the modern university recede.  Modern universities are like medieval religious institutions.  The middle class can no longer afford any of the elite universities, which increasingly are populated by one-percenters and whatever special interest groups they choose to subsidize at any particular moment in time.  This way the wealthy can pick and choose who gets an elite education and the middle class is left to pick up the tab.

Clinton and Sanders propose to accelerate the continued assault on the American taxpayer to provide more funds to the modern leisure classes.

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