Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Uber and DeBlasio

Welcome to the 21st century.  The forces of reaction, led by DeBlasio and other left wing "reactionaries" are battling to roll back the dramatic changes that the internet is bringing.  Front and center is the "ride-sharing" business called Uber that is revolutionizing the way ordinary citizens are moving around.

The taxicab monopolies, worldwide, are fighting back.  Especially in New York City, where, not long ago a taxi medallion cost over $ 1 million. Now with Uber in play, medallions -- which are licenses to monopolize -- have fallen in price to $ 700 K and headed lower.  Once again, those riding on top of the stagecoach -- NYC taxidrivers -- are asking government to pass punitive regulations to prevent ordinary citizens including citizens in the bottom twenty percentile of income and wealth in NYC from improving their economic condition.

Uber, in a free market environment, is a win-win for everyone except a handful of taxi drivers, currently benefitting from a government-granted monopoly.  In order to keep that monopoly, taxi-drivers have donated large amounts of cash to DeBlasio's campaign coffers.

This is liberalism at its best -- thwarting the prospects of low income and middle income Americans in order to protect a government-granted monopoly to the more affluent.

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