Thursday, July 2, 2015

Puerto Rico and the Minimum Wage

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article by Nick Timiraos and Ana Campoy that lays out in dismal detail the job killing impact of minimum wage legislation.  Even liberal economists attribute the bulk of Puerto Rico's economic woes to the US federal minimum wage of $ 7.25.   It is clear that the current push for an increased minimum wage by Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and, of all people, Charles Krauthammer, would plunge Puerto Rico into a further headlong rush into third world status.

For those who want to peer into the future of Los Angeles, a city that recently pushed its minimum wage to double that of the federal level, look no further than Puerto Rico.  The modern liberal form of ethnic cleansing is under way in Los Angeles, as the poor must move away in order to survive the new minimum wage laws.

The liberal war on poor folks continues unabated.

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