Friday, July 31, 2015

Head in the Sand Analysis

Once more, the NY Times amazes.  Noam Scheiber's article, penned on July 12th but still available online, muses aloud, quoting Clinton surrogates and supporters, as to why the US economy no longer seems to produce good jobs. The decline of the economic position of the middle class is front and center in this article.

Guess what reasons Scheiber and close Clinton pals cite as reasons for America's economic malaise.  Dig this: "investors and management gurus," "outsourcing," "Uber," etc.  Easy targets for the left.

Scheiber, I suppose, has failed to notice the sweeping government intervention in the US economy that has pared economic growth to barely a pulse.  The health care sector, banking sector, coal, etc., have all been taken over or demolished by the Obama/Clinton crew.  The national debt has doubled over the past seven years, while economic growth is moribund.  We are now Europe, whose economic stagnation is a fixture of the modern world.

Ignoring what ails you means you will not recover.  Maybe Scheiber should try the private sector for a week or two and quickly discover the problem -- strangling regulation and strangling taxation.  Until these things are rolled back, the US is doomed to economic stagnation, while the Obamas and Clintons glide effortlessly from resorts to limousines to fancy jet planes to resorts once more, never noticing the destruction that they have wrought on average Americans.

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