Friday, July 24, 2015

Clinton Proposes More Government, Lower Returns for Investors

Somehow Wall Street is the enemy, if you listen to Hillary Clinton.  Therefore, let's substitute a partisan bureaucracy and government mandates for free markets and free people.  That is what Clinton proposed this week in South Carolina, pushing for new rules on stock buybacks, executive compensation, corporate governance rules, and for higher taxes.

I guess 10 percent per year returns over the past century is a bad idea.  Why not let Clinton force that return down to 3 percent or zero with a new set of crushing regulations and taxes?

The stock market is the sole avenue for average citizens to get high, unlevered returns with almost no long term risk (there is plenty of short term risk).  Home ownership generates wealth only when levered.  Unlevered home ownership is only rarely a big winner. 

So, Clinton, once more, intends to crush the hopes of American savers and investors.  She and Warren Buffett can play the foundation games and other devices available only to rich people, but the average Joe should take a hike, implies Clinton. 

Is there any avenue for self improvement and improved economic status for the average American that the Clintons and their ilk don't intend to destroy by over-reaching government?  Perhaps, if Clinton departed from her limousines and fancy jets long enough to see how the average American lives, she might not be so determined to destroy their future.

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